What is “person-to-person” payment and why do I need it?

You have money in your bank account, but no cash in your pocket at a time when you need it. How are you going to pay a friend for that ticket to this weekend’s game? Pay back a colleague for a shared lunch? Pay your roommate your share of the rent?

With services like Popmoney®, you can send money to individuals without writing a check or getting cash.

“Person-to-person” payment systems take the ease of paying bills electronically via online banking and bill pay a step further. It lets you make secure payments to friends and family, straight from your bank account to theirs, using your computer or smartphone.

And now, Popmoney is available to Community Bank of Tri-County Online Banking users!

Watch this Popmoney video and see how easy it can be to send money anytime, to anyone, for any reason.

Here’s how it works.

  • If you haven’t already, sign up for free Online Banking and Bill Pay from Community Bank.
  • Once you decide whom you want to pay, all you need is their email address, mobile phone number or bank account number.
  • Then, log into Online Banking, go to Bill Pay, and select Popmoney as your payment method.
  • Set up the payment by choosing a dollar amount and delivery date. You can even include a message if you choose..
  • Once the transaction is complete, your recipient will be notified electronically that their money is on its way. It’s that simple!

After you have used Popmoney for the first time, you’ll be able to review past transactions. It’s a convenient and secure way to manage personal payments. Why not get started today!

How would you use a person-to-person payment system?

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