What is “multifactor” authentication?

They say that the ritual of shaking hands dates back to Ancient Greece in the 5th century BC. A handshake in those days was considered a sign of peace — and proof that neither participant was carrying a weapon! Further, the up-and-down handshake motion would dislodge any weapon that might be hidden up a hand-shaker’s sleeve!

The Proof Was in the Handshake!

Handshaking was, perhaps, one of the first examples of what we now refer to as “authentication” — proving something is true or genuine. Times have changed. Today’s operating environment requires more than a simple handshake to prove legitimacy. Larger measures are required to combat the modern enemy: online identity theft.

 A Virtual Handshake

That universal threat is why Community Bank of Tri-County utilizes a Multifactor Authentication security system that not only allows the Bank to identify you online, but also allows you to positively identify us. You could say Multifactor Authentication is a virtual handshake, protecting us both from danger! Since passwords can sometimes become compromised, a second authentication factor makes it much harder gain access to your account.

How it Works

Customers are prompted to enroll when signing up for Online Banking. You will be asked to enter an email address, a pass phrase for a randomly selected authentication image (once enrolled, the image and pass phrase can be changed), and for answers to three challenge questions.

This easy process prevents anyone else from accessing your account, and it provides you with on-screen information that will verify that you are, indeed, on our website.

Free Peace of Mind

There is no fee involved with Multifactor Authentication. It’s just one more way Community Bank is working to safeguard your privacy and security.

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