Tomorrow is election day!

Photo from the Maryland State Board of Elections

You’ve seen the ads. You’ve watched the debates. You’ve heard the pundits and pollsters, read newspaper and magazine editorials, watched the news, and followed the online political trail. You’ve done your homework.

And the good news is – tomorrow is election day!

Be patient and prepared
You can expect the lines at the polls to be long and, depending on where you live, the ballot may offer many candidate selections beyond the presidential campaign, as well as other questions which require your vote. Not sure where to go? Click here to find your polling place.

Although you may have to stand in line to get your ballot, you can breeze through the voting itself if you’re familiar with the ballot beforehand. Click here to download sample ballot for your county in Maryland.

Want to know if you’ll need to show identification before voting, or how to change your party affiliation? The Maryland State Board of Elections can answer these and any other election questions you may have.

Be a part of the process
If you have time, before you head to the polls, think about giving a friend or neighbor a lift. According to a survey conducted by USA Today and the Suffolk University Political Research Center in Boston, nearly four in 10 eligible voters didn’t go to the polls on Election Day 2008. While there are many reasons people don’t vote, for some it may be because they are unable to get to their local polling place.

It’s also a great time to discuss with your children the importance of voting. The Washington Post has a great resource for children about the election, including information about the race, how political ads work and more.

Don’t forget to get to the polls tomorrow – Elections are the time to let your voice be heard!

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