The Power of Online Banking

Community Bank of the Chesapeake prides itself on knowing its customers. We love and welcome the face-to-face interaction and look forward to each and every time you walk through one of our doors. But let’s face it, with the continuous increase of technology and knowledge, banking is evolving. So why not use it? Online Banking is one of the most popular services offered by banks; it’s convenient, easy-to-use and has a positive effect on the environment. So, while you’re always welcome to visit one of our branches for your banking needs, we also encourage you to check out these top reasons why Online Banking is so powerful!

  1. Saves Time. Everyone has a busy schedule, between your career, school, kids or even vacation; it’s hard to make time to stop by the bank. With Online Banking you can save yourself the wait in a line, in traffic and the trip itself.
    • Online Banking is 24/7. You’re not restricted to the hours of the Bank and can choose to do your banking day or night.
    • Deposit your checks remotely, using Community Bank’s Remote Deposit Capture (RDC). You may not have time for a trip to the bank but you still should be able to receive your money.
    • Checking account low? Transfer money from one account to another.
  2. Environmentally Friendly. Using Online Banking, positively affects the environment by eliminating the amount of paper waste. “Preventing one ton of paper waste saves between 15 and 17 mature trees.”* 
    • Receive your statements electronically,  e-Statements allow you to access your statement as soon as it’s available.
    • Pay your bills simply and quickly online, saving you money on stamps, envelopes, etc. You can also reduce the likelihood of a late payment by setting up recurring payments.
    • Online Banking will also help impact the clutter in your life. By eliminating some of the paper waste, you can de-clutter your countertops and junk drawers.
  3. Track your account.  Gain real-time account access, on-the-go, so that you can track your account activity wherever you are.
    • Check your balance throughout the day and see transactions in real-time.
    • Avoid overdraft fees.
    • Get notified of account activity, through interactive alerts.

Online Banking is an extremely powerful tool to help you with your finances, not to mention, it is all completely secure. You create your user ID, password, security codes so that only you have access to your account.


*Facts About Consumption and Waste


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