Summer Savings Tip: Staycation

To stay or to go this summer? The great American spirit urges us to hit the road, but we suggest you fight that urge and “go local” to save money.

One day-trip at a time you can rediscover all the amazing things our own region has to offer. You might just fall in love with home…all over again.

Where to be
When was the last time you visited our own zoo, aquarium, art galleries, and beaches? In our recent blog, “Summer is here! Get outside and fly a kite…” we share a variety of local activities and links to explore even more.

Act like a tourist
Think about treating yourself the same way you would treat out-of-town guests. Ask yourself what would my guest want to see and do – and just do it! You’ll be surprised not only by how much money you are saving in comparison to travel vacation, but how much fun you are having. Visit your state’s official travel and tourism website – such as – for ideas.

Romance your region
Just as a long marriage can require renewed attention to thrive again, a love of your region can blossom again. Improve your “relationship” with change. All you need is a sense of adventure and these simple strategies. Eat at new restaurants with international foods), travel new routes (turn the navigation off and get lost), make your sightseeing list using a tourist guide. You can use sites like Yelp to discover new eateries.

Local luxury
When day trips just aren’t enough – consider an overnight in a local luxury hotel like the Chesapeake Beach Resort and Spa. And allow yourself to splurge on couples massage and activities like Charter Fishing.

Vacation or staycation – which did you choose this summer?

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