Summer Savings Tip: Set the temp

The temperature has skyrocketed and you can’t wait to get out of the heat. Time to head home and crank up the air conditioning.

But do you know how to keep your energy costs low when the temperature is high?

If you’ve already discovered the advantages of a programmable thermostat, you know it can help ensure cooler air will be ready and waiting when you walk through the front door. But did you know a programmable thermostat can also help save you money?

That’s because with a programmable thermostat, you are able to automatically adjust your air conditioner to be ready when you are. In fact, by simply scheduling the thermostat to heat or cool your home to match your schedule (rather than cranking the heat or blasting the air conditioning when the family is sleeping or no one is home to enjoy it), you could save up to 10% a year on your heating and cooling bills. Of course, you’ll be saving energy, too!

Click here for more about the advantages of programmable thermostats from the U.S. Department of Energy.

Once you’re convinced that having the ability to manage the temperature inside your home will pay for itself in more ways than one, why not move right on to the next step and consider the advantages of one of these “smart thermostats” reviewed by USA TODAY?

How do you keep your home cool when it’s hot outside?

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