Summer Savings Tip: Clip coupons!

You’ve decided to save money this summer – good for you! Community Bank of Tri-County is here with support. Be on the lookout for our Summer Saving Tips series, starting with this simple, money saving tip – clip coupons!

From blogs, to TV shows and classes couponing has gone from an act reserved for Sunday morning with the newspaper to T.V. entertainment and an obsession for people across the country. We are excited about all the attention saving money is getting, because it’s a smart thing to do – through good economic times and bad.

Ready to clip? Consider these tips:

  • Don’t buy more than you need. Be discerning about your selection, buying something only because you have a coupon actually defeats the purpose of clipping coupons.
  • Take a class. While couponing may not seem too complicated, the more you learn – the more you save! Kimberly Pepper-Hoctor is an expert “couponer” who offers free classes, locally.
  • Get organized. There are a variety of coupon organizers to choose from. Or better yet, make your own! You may be surprised what a difference a little organization can make as long as you remember to keep the organizer with you, in your purse, in the cart, wherever and whenever you shop.
  • Shopping online? Most of us are familiar with clipping coupons from the newspaper. You can uncover even more deals by searching online for sites like RetailMeNot that offer coupon codes for online shopping (these can also be emailed directly to you).

With some planning, it’s not too hard to grab a slice of the $2.6 billion in manufacturer coupon savings. Every coupon represents free money – the minute you cash it in. Get your coupon clipping game on and start summer savings today!

How much can you save this summer?

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