Summer Saving Tip: Pack a Lunch

Let’s face it, heading out to the local restaurant, sub shop or pizza parlor every work day can be a budget buster. Don’t believe it?

Take a typical lunch tab, multiply it by 5 and then by the number of weeks you work each year. Sit back and marvel at the total! Then imagine whittling that number down, down and down — and imagine the savings if you brought your lunch to work. You could be talking $1,000, $2,000 or even $3,000 a year!

Be creative
Embarking on the brown bag path is easy, once you realize that packing your own lunch doesn’t always mean “leftovers,” although last night’s meal sometimes tastes even better when it’s heated up the next day. Search the web for recipes that’ll stretch one preparation into both tonight’s dinner and tomorrow’s lunch.

Not crazy about leftovers? Think anything else would be equally boring? With just a little planning, you can make yourself a variety of hearty, satisfying lunches that will please both your palate and your piggy bank!

Need more ideas? See what others are doing by checking out the most popular Brown Bag Lunch ideas on Pinterest. Think beyond sandwiches and explore the possibilities.

Keep it healthy
When it comes to packing your own lunch, it’s important to stay health-conscious as well as frugal. Try these tips for cheap and healthy brown bag lunches.

Start slow
Not sure about joining the In For Lunch crowd? You can always start slow and work your way up to serious savings. It’s easier than you might think if you follow these 21 ways to rock a brown-bag lunch.

Share your brown bag lunch savvy with your workplace friends. You might just start a savings trend, BYOL (bring your own lunch)!

What is your favorite lunch to bring to work?

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