Security: Emergency Prep

emergency prep toolsDo you know what to do in the event of an emergency at home or on the road? Is your first aid kit ready and up to date? While it’s difficult to imagine how you might react in the event of an accident, injury or severe weather condition, it is important to be prepared. Ensure your readiness and heed the advice from these trusted and experienced authorities on the matter.

Have a Plan

The Federal Emergency Management Agency recommends getting a plan in place for your entire family. Cover all your bases and feel more secure by creating separate plans for home, work, and school. You can also use the agency’s easy to follow and accessible online form, to determine ahead of time how you and your loved ones will communicate with one another and decide on safe locations where you can meet up.

Disaster Supply Kit

Thankfully, emergencies are not everyday occurrences; but that also makes them trickier to prepare for. Adhering to the list of items found in the Maryland Emergency Management Agency’s disaster supply kit can eliminate the uncertainty surrounding your preparations. By doing so, you can avert a last minute dash to the grocery or hardware store for a battery-operated radio or medical supplies and avoid missing out on these or other important items.

Safety on the Road

You might have a first aid kit at home, but what about in your car? Whether travelling long distances or just making quick trips across town, take the time to stock your vehicle with a few safety must haves. In addition to these items, it’s a good idea to carry a car charger for your mobile device. This will guard against you being without access to first responders, your auto club or personal contacts.

Like all plans, staying organized and preparing ahead of time can help ensure the safety of you and your loved ones in the event of an emergency.

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