Screen-Free Week

May 2 – May 8, 2016 is Screen-Free week, a national celebration where children, families, schools and communities spend seven days turning off entertainment screen media and turning on life. It’s a time to unplug and play, read, daydream, create, explore and spend time with family and friends.

Screen-Free Week is about taking a break from the constant digital entertainment world! You can still celebrate even if you have to use devices for work or school. It’s the family time – including meals that you should try and take a pause from the digital screens and reconnect with the world around you. Excessive screen time including television, video games, phones, tablets, computers and more are linked to poor school performance, attention problems and weight issues.

Screen-Free Week isn’t just about snubbing screens for seven days; it’s about a springboard for important lifestyle changes that will improve well-being and quality of life all year around. It creates a fun way for all of us to reduce our dependence on digital media and enjoy life.

Interesting facts about TV and families today*

  • Number of 30-second commercials seen in a year by an average child: 20,000
  • Number of minutes per week that parents spend in meaningful conversation with their children: 38.5
  • Number of minutes per week that the average child watches television: 1,680
  • Percentage of children ages 6-17 who have TVs in their bedrooms: 50%
  • Percentage of day care centers that use TV during a typical day: 70%
  • Hours per year the average American youth spends in school: 900 hours
  • Hours per year the average American youth watches television: 1500 hours
  • Percentage of Americans that regularly watch television while eating dinner: 66%

*Sources: Unplugged and Television and Health

Visit for more information about this annual event and the many great activities you and your family could try.

Now turn off the screens and get some nice spring air!

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