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Did you know that the federal government has an official web portal for kids?

Designed for students through Grade 5, tweens and young teens in Grades 6 to 8, parents and teachers, the site has enough kid-friendly information, facts and figures, quizzes, games and videos to keep youngsters occupied for a good stretch of time.

Kids — and adults, too — can even learn a lot about their own state at the site, (Okay Mom and Dad: What is the geographic center of Maryland? Is it Prince George’s, Baltimore or Bethesda? How about the state dog of Virginia? Jack Russell Terrier? American Foxhound? Chesapeake Bay Retriever?)

As part of the government’s “Help for Difficult Times” campaign geared to adults, the kids’ site uses comics to encourage youngsters to help their families save money, too.

Check it out and see which savings tips might work best in your household!

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