Recycling Review

RecycleThis month is Earth Month and as things begin to turn green, it’s a great time to go green, too! One of the easiest ways to help the environment is to recycle. Here are a few things to remember about recycling:

A product or package that’s recyclable can be separated from the trash through a recycling program and be used again or made into a new product. Even if a product is recyclable, you need to know whether your community recycles it. Find out from your city or county government about curbside pick-up or drop-off options for recycling. Items that can typically be recycled include: plastic, glass, metal, newspapers and other products.

Sometimes, businesses recycle products for you. For example, grocery stores may take back plastic grocery bags, manufacturers of toner cartridges may encourage you to return empty cartridges for remanufacturing, and some hardware stores recycle used CFL lightbulbs.

Recycled products are products made from materials recovered or separated from the “waste stream,” melted down or ground up into raw materials, and then used to make new products. If a product says it’s made from recycled materials, look for specifics. Do the claims apply to the product, the packaging, or both? How much of the product or package is recycled? Unless the product or package contains 100 percent recycled materials, the label must tell you how much is recycled.

Wondering whether something can be recycled? The universal recycling symbol is one way companies tell you a product or package is recyclable. It also can mean a product is made of recycled content. But your best source of information for what you can recycle where you live is your local recycling program.

For information on recycling electronics, visit the EPA website.

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