Personal Finance Tips

Could your money management skills use a little fine-tuning? Are phrases like tax filings and interest rates impetus for headaches and confusion? Good news – now is the perfect time to enhance your financial IQ, as April is National Financial Literacy Month!

Business Minded

Regardless of your income level, think of yourself as a business; look at the amount of money you take in, add up all your expenses, and see where you stand. Viewing your financial situation from this perspective can help you run your own personal “operations” more efficiently. Are there opportunities to cut wasteful spending? Or maybe your savings rate isn’t quite as robust as it should be? This exercise can help you see where and how you allocate funds on a regular basis and provide you with opportunities to increase your personal bottom line.


There’s no shortage of online and offline resources available to help parents and children learn how to become more financially savvy. Easy to follow websites can provide adults with definitions and information as well as financial calculators and budgetary tools to use right at home. Parents, you can help make learning about money and savings fun for children through our Kid’s Savings accounts in tandem with games like Disney’s The Great Piggy Bank Adventure, designed specifically to engage and hold your child’s interest.

Credit Card Care

While credit cards are good in certain situations, it is important to understand how they work and to use them judiciously. Regardless of the purchases you pay for with plastic, be sure and pay off your balance on time and in full every month. The amount of interest credit card companies’ tack onto minimum payments add up quickly, and depending on the amount owed could take years to pay off. Credit is fast and easy at the point of sale, but remember the bill will always come due.

Managing your own money matters can seem like a daunting and difficult task. Just remember these sensible and relatively simple means to help get a handle on your finances. What tricks and techniques do you find most useful to control your finances?

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