Kids: Keeping math skills sharp over the summer

From swimming and sports camps to archery and boating, your kids are loving summer, but are they losing those hard-earned math skills already? Children can lose two months or more of learning over summer vacation. Here are some easy and fun ways to retain (and improve) their math skills:

Math on the Road
If you’re like most parents, you spend a lot of your summer vacation behind the wheel, driving youngsters here, there and everywhere in order to give them the best summer possible. Why not use that “drive time” to exercise your youngsters’ math skills. Make it fun! Try these five drive-along activities, especially if your kids are digitally connected in the back seat, with access to on-screen calculators if not old-fashioned pencils and paper.

Math at Home
Here are seven at-home math activities for keeping their math brains from getting rusty over the summer. Adults might even have fun with activities like Panning for Gold or Grouping Groceries!

Math Online
Sylvan Learning offers the top 10 websites to keep your student on track until the school bell rings again.

Keeping kids actively engaged in math during the long summer break can reap big rewards when they return to the classroom.

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