Kids: Chores — a routine part of family life

Kid's ChoresWhether they involve adults, children, or both, chores are a routine part of family life. For youngsters, chores are typically part of a reward system involving some type of compensation. But, chores don’t always have to be compensated – parents should take comfort knowing with chores comes a sense of belonging, satisfaction, self-esteem and responsibility.

Pick the right chore level
The real trick may be choosing the right chores and making sure the jobs you assign are age-appropriate. suggests easy and fun tasks for toddlers, slightly independent “around the house” tasks for preschoolers, solo independent chores for grade-schoolers and more “grown-up gigs” for older kids. The question of allowance can be brought into the picture as responsibilities increase.

Need help deciding which chores are appropriate for your child’s age? Here’s nearly two-dozen ideas for youngsters ages 2 to 18.

A little motivation
Once you’ve established the appropriate chores, the next step will undoubtedly be motivating youngsters to actually do them! Try these 5 motivation tips that include turning chores into playtime, making them more challenging, switching the routine and giving your chore-doers a sense of purpose and independence.

Tracking chores
There are a number of ways to keep track of allowance/chores activity, from check-sheet lists posted on the ‘fridge to whiteboards to notebooks and stickers. And now digital scorekeeping is also an option.

My Job Chart is a free online chore chart and reward system for organizing and motivating kids to learn first-hand how to Save, Share and Spend their allowance.

Put Saving on your list
Once your youngster is a bona fide chore “wage earner,” you’ll want to introduce the concept of saving early on. Utilizing a formal savings plan like our Green Team™ Kids Club can get your children into the habit and learn about savings with help from Fillup the Frog, the Club’s mascot. Fillup helps makes saving fun with special gifts for kids when they reach certain savings milestones, plus a birthday card each year.

How do your children help out around the house?

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