Job Opportunities – Rolling Into Your Neighborhood

Are you are hunting for a job to help make ends meet or possibly looking for a position more commensurate with your education and skill set? While our economy is rebounding, many local job seekers and businesses still face an uphill climb during this speedy economic recovery. The good news is that there is a great new resource on its way to help “drive” the economic prospects of our local communities!

Helping eager job seekers secure work with companies looking to hire is the JobSource Mobile Career Center. This free and innovative job resource is available courtesy of the Southern Maryland Workforce Investment Board. Operating from a mobile unit, the new career center on wheels is fully loaded with the latest equipment and technologies needed for a successful job search. You can track the Mobile Career Center’s progress and planned stops on the website, Facebook page, and Twitter.

When the mobile unit does roll into town make sure you are prepared with everything necessary to aid in your search. Remember to bring resumes, business cards, contact information, references, your cellphone, as well as a pen and pad of paper. Lastly, be sure to have a plan for how you want to conduct your search, whether by industry, location, or job function and any questions you may have to help make the most of your time and the center’s abundant tools.

Missed the Mobile Center? The Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland also has three physical locations scattered across Southern Maryland offering the same free resources to further assist your search.

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