It’s National Farmers Market Week. Celebrate with a visit to our local markets!

On the top ten reasons to love summer, you are sure to find Farmers Markets. Yes it’s love at first bite – and it’s more than the food.

Farmers Markets combine people, education, entertainment and yes, exceedingly delicious food to define a community experience.

Often located at the center of town, markets exemplify the heart of a healthy community and benefit that community long after the stands have come down. Every Farmers Market boasts its own unique “flavor,” formed by not only what is for sale, but also who is buying.

Grab your reusable bag and slowly peruse the event. At the market you are choosing food that is fresh, local and in season. Decide what to make for dinner only after you see what’s available. Challenge yourself to come up with a new recipe or consider these delicious recipes from Eating Well.

Maryland farmers benefit and so do you! Get started with your “Farm to Table” and “Buy Local” education at the Farmers Market. Shake hands with a farmer and you’ll be surprised how much you can learn in minutes! That tomato you are holding has a story…and so does the farmer that grew it.

Find your neighborhood market
Why go to only one, when you can visit them all? Using this online tool from Only at Farmers’ Markets you can search for markets throughout our communities (see the drop down state feature, city sort and the zip code search).

Or pick up a Farmers’ Market Guide (available while supplies last at Southern Maryland farmers’ markets and regional public libraries) or call (301) 274-1922 for a list of pick-up sites. You can view or download the guide at or

What is your favorite local Farmers Market?

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