Is Your Business on Pinterest?

Pinterest BadgeWhich social media sites is your business active on? With mega brands like Starbucks and Target jumping into Pinterest, now might be the right time for your company. Here are some ideas for how your business can harness the power of Pinterest.


Pinterest is basically an updated, online version of the traditional pinboard – hence the name. Users collect photos and videos called “pins” from around the web, which are organized onto “boards” for others to view, comment and share. Early on, artists and designers were quick to flock to the visual-friendly site before catching the attention of the mainstream public and business world alike.

Pinterest for Beginners

For novices, you can’t go wrong with collecting content you think your target market would find interesting, educational or just aesthetically appealing to help keep your business top-of-mind. And if you’re pinning content from your own site (which also links back to your site), be sure to include relevant keywords and phrases in your descriptions. For an added boost, attach a hashtag, a-la Twitter, to those keywords to make your content easier for users to find in a search.

Best Business Practices

With so many businesses active on the site, it’s a good idea for those with an existing presence to check out how others successfully leverage the site’s full potential.

If you’re a well-seasoned “pinner,” try integrating Pinterest to help achieve an existing goal or objective. For instance, e-retailers could use Pinterest as part of a multiplatform strategy to help increase online sales.

Technology and social media site Mashable, outlined how Barney’s New York, Whole Foods and Land’s End applied branded content catered to the tastes of their followers to great effect with special Pinterest promotions and contests.

And to help measure your campaign’s results, Pinterest offers an analytics tool you can easily add it to your website.

Make it Pinnable

Regardless of whether or not your business decides to partake in the pinning party, you can still benefit from its capabilities. Add a Pin-it button or widget to your business’ website so users can pin photos and videos from your site to their boards. By doing this your content will appear on their boards and expose your works to all of their followers.

With its ease of use, clean look, and growing popularity, Pinterest can compliment existing online and offline campaigns or serve as a force behind your company’s next brilliant marketing initiative.

Do you use Pinterest for your business? How have you used the site to help your business?

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