Is your business on LinkedIn?

Most business owners know about the power of LinkedIn as a networking tool. But did you know your business could be on LinkedIn also? What has been widely viewed as a job-seeking tool has evolved to become a fantastic business-building and marketing tool.

Through your business’s LinkedIn page you can

  • Tell your company’s story. Share news, links and other updates with those who follow your business. Posting these items will also make it easy for other LinkedIn users including customers, vendors and employees to share news with their LinkedIn network.
  • Get recommendations. Request and share recommendations written by customers, clients or vendors.
  • Fill positions. Make current openings available to an ever-growing network of people and businesses.
  • Increase visibility. Add information about your company, products or services and ways to contact you, allowing the LinkedIn audience to find you more easily.
  • Track results. Use LinkedIn’s Page Statistics to see what type of user is finding your company. Are you reaching the right target audience or do you need to refine your message?

And that’s just the beginning.

To learn the basics – and get launched quickly – visit the LinkedIn learning center or download HubSpot’s guide on how to use LinkedIn for Business.

Is your company on LinkedIn? Share a link in the comments of this post!

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