Is there a Green Team Super Saver in your family?

We hope that your youngsters have met Fillup the Frog, the mascot of our very own Kids’ Club, the Green Team™. But have they joined the Green Team?Open to all children age 12 and under who open a Kids’ Club savings account. the Green Team gives children a fun way to learn about money and the importance of saving for the future.

Super Savers are Green Team members that have completed one or more passbooks, which means they saved at least $150 in their Kids’ Club savings account. As a reward for their efforts, Super Savers receive an extra special gift when they reach $150, $300, $450 and $600 in savings.

If your youngster has reached a Super Saver milestone, just visit any Community Bank office for your special gift.

Remember, you can meet Fillup the Frog “in person” at these upcoming events:

  • Kids Night – January 19, from 5 to 7 p.m
    Chick-fil-A in LaPlata
  • Learn and Save with Fillup – February 18
    Our Charlotte Hall branch

Go Green!

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