Inexpensive Ways to Keep the Kids Busy this Summer

Schools out and its summer vacation! Time to relax, sleep in and enjoy the company of your kids. That is until they start complaining how bored they are. It can be a challenge to keep your children occupied all day without plopping them down in front of a T.V. or video game. So what can you do? Rest assured, there are plenty of fun and exciting activities you can do with your kids that are easy on the budget as well.

A simple and creative way to choose things to do each day is making an activity bucket. Simply, write a list of activities down on Popsicle sticks and place them in a bucket. Then, whenever you need something to do pull out a new stick, it could be daily, weekly, or just whenever you need a fresh idea.

Now here are some great ideas to include on those Popsicle sticks!

Have a backyard campfire. Grab your marshmallows, grahams and chocolate! You don’t have to spend money on a campsite when you can have one in your own backyard.

Visit Local Library. Take a day once a week to check out new books. Your kids will enjoy going and getting to choose their own selection and many local libraries have free events/activities happening daily.

Bike Riding. Bike riding is an activity the whole family can enjoy, while getting exercise! Southern Maryland and Fredericksburg offers many trails for biking that’s fun and safe.

Explore local parks. You’d be amazed at how many parks there are that you haven’t yet discovered. Try exploring new parks during the summer to find your favorite. You can even create a nature scavenger hunt for the kids.

Summer picnics. Who doesn’t love a classic picnic? Pack some sandwiches and snacks and bring along a Frisbee, ball and other outdoor equipment so you and your family can make the most out of your day together.

Head to the Beach. You don’t have to spend an expensive day at the water park to stay refreshed. A day at the beach or lake is a great way to keep your kids busy. Enjoy the sand, water and a small game of football or volleyball to get up and moving.

Plant a garden. Let your kids use a small corner of the yard to plant their own garden. Let them be responsible for watering and taking care of it throughout the summer.

Build an indoor fort. Rainy days happen and you can’t always get outside. Use the sheets and blankets around your home to help build a cool indoor fort. Keep it up for a fort sleepover telling ghost stories and eating popcorn.

Free local events. Our communities are constantly planning events. Keep an eye on your local event calendar for fun adventures to take the kids.

Play games/crafts. Spend a day inside playing board games and doing creative crafts. You’d be surprised what kind of crafts you can come up with just using products in your home.

Host your own business. Have a lemonade stand or garage sale. You’ll not only teach your children about business and money, but also give them a fun activity they can enjoy.

Bake a dessert.  Cookies, brownies, cakes, oh my! Your kids will love helping “mom” in the kitchen and give everyone a great dessert for after dinner.

Discount days. Look out for discount days at museums and zoos near you.

Enjoy the summer with your kids with these low cost, stress-free activities and never here “I’m bored” again!

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