How To – Stretch the Marketing Budget

Want to get more out your marketing budget? Or starting a new business with little left over for marketing? However lenient or tight the reins on company spending, here are a few tricks and techniques to get a bigger bang for your marketing buck!

Go Social

Take your pick, or utilize a combination of social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, for which the only cost is the time you invest! Business owners can employ social media to promote their brand and generate awareness. But it’s best to start slow and see how other businesses use it, and what they have success with. You will find no shortage of websites, blogs and online forums available to find out how to generate leads and acquire more customers through social media.

Stick with Your Strengths

The practice of bartering is certainly not new or innovative, but the concept is simple. For example, if you own a sandwich shop, but PR isn’t your thing try utilizing the services of an outside firm. In exchange you can cater the firm’s parties and luncheons. To make sure no one feels taken advantage of, consider a written agreement between you and the other party to stay safe.

Bartering enables businesses or individuals to focus on their strengths while benefitting from another company’s expertise. Plus, it’s an opportunity to network and generate positive word of mouth within the business community.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Entrepreneur Magazine suggests using modular product literature to do more with less. Create one basic marketing piece than can be easily customized based on product or market and used across multiple channels. This one “template” saves time and money in lieu of developing new collateral from scratch.

With a little creativity, just about any organization can discover ways to market products or services without ballooning the budget.

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