How To: Save on Summer Camp

Kids at Summer CampAre stints at day camp or extended stays at sleep-away camp an integral part of your children’s summer? If not, maybe you’d like to get your children involved in all the fun, friends and festivities camps have to offer?

As with all your other children’s activities, the impact on the family budget is likely weighing in on your decision. For parents, much has been written about the price of having your kids take part in the creative crafts and camaraderie-building activities. With that in mind, here are some ideas on how to lessen summer camp’s impact on your wallet.

Off-Peak Weeks

Not unlike saving on flights and hotels by booking off-season vacations, you’ll find most camps have different rates for different weeks. Variances in school calendars across the tri-county and King George area often result in smaller enrollments during the first and last weeks of summer, and therefore are offered at a slightly more attractive rate. Try enrolling your children in off-peak weeks such as these or the week of July 4. Also, when you call to book, inquire about short sessions at cheaper rates as a way to trim costs without your children having to miss out on the camp experience.

Quantity Discounts

If you have more than one child, most camps have multi-child pricing policies in place. Enrolling your children at the same camp will not only cut down on travel time, but also open up potential discounts on each additional camper.

Early Enrollment

If your children have a great time this year, don’t wait to book next year’s visit! Discounts for early bookings are available and many camps will begin enrolling next year’s campers at the end of that summer’s sessions. Plus, getting summer camp on the books early on will save time and eliminate the hassle of planning and booking next year’s activities, not to mention increasing your chances of securing your “first choice” weeks.

Summer camps are where your children can find friendships, experience new and exciting places, and learn lessons that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Feel even better about letting your children partake in everything camp has in-store by taking advantage of the savings opportunities available.

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