How to choose a checking account that’s right for you

Chances are good that you already have a checking account. In fact, you probably don’t know how you would get along without one!

Checking accounts are today’s primary money management tool. They let you use your money, save your money, and safeguard your money. But, is the checking account you have giving you the most for your money, or is it costing you in the long run?

Not all checking accounts are the same. There’s more to choosing a checking account than you might think, and getting the most value from a checking account depends on your own personal situation and your banking habits and needs.

So before you start shopping, here are some questions to help you figure out what you want or need from your new checking accounts:

What’s your banking style?

  • Do you do most of your banking in person? You want a bank with offices close to where you live or work.
  • How often do you frequent the ATM? Do you hate paying ATM surcharges? If you’re a frequent user, you’ll do best with a bank with access to a network of ATMs.
  • Are you an electronic banker or do you prefer paper?

What are your banking needs?

  • Do you keep a relatively high balance in your checking account, but have limited transactions?
  • Do want to earn interest on checking with no limits to the number of transactions you can make each month?
  • Do you want to earn even higher interest although you have a considerable number of transactions each month?
  • Are you age 60 or over? Look for checking accounts designed especially for your generation.

Personal, business or both?

  • Do you run a business? Do you want your business accounts at the same bank as your personal accounts?

Of course if you are looking for a new checking account, we hope you’ll consider Community Bank of Tri-County!

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