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Home_OfficeAre you a one-woman financial consultant with a smartphone in one hand and your children’s carpool schedule in the other? How about a digital marketing machine writing code at your kitchen table? The advantages of home-based businesses are bountiful, but so too can be the challenges. Maximize the benefits of your home office with these quick tips!

Define Your Office

With no commute and complete control over everything from the temperature to the choice of coffee; working out of your home is the ultimate in workplace comfort. While comfort is conducive to a healthy work environment, be careful not to get too cozy for fear of letting your surroundings hamper your productivity. As tempting as it is to keep your laptop on the bed, Entrepreneur Magazine recommends designating a defined “office space” in which you can work. This designated area should be free from distractions to help get you in a working mindset.

Mind Your Surroundings

The ability to get your laundry done while working is a luxury and a big time saver. However, your washing machine’s buzzer going off during a conference call is not something many clients need to hear. Take note of these and other surrounding noises like barking dogs or family chatter before placing your calls.

The same applies to your messy or disheveled office space during virtual meetings. Play the part of director prior to going live. Turn on your webcam and get a look at what your fellow video colleagues will see in the shot and redecorate as necessary.

Tax Smarts

Does the mere thought of reading through tax code trigger tension in your brain? Don’t leave money on the table by forgoing potential deductions available for home-based businesses. It is a good idea to check with your tax professional or accountant before filing. Try and do your due diligence prior to contacting these professionals and ask pointed questions or request a check of the work you’ve already done to cut down on their service fees.

Whether operating from your home office or the corner office, you still need to conduct yourself in a professional manner. If you are able to do this well, your clients will have a hard time telling the difference.

Do you work from home? What tips or techniques do you find most helpful?

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