Have you tried geocaching?

Geocaching has really caught on!

Millions of people worldwide are now playing this high-tech version of the old Hide and Seek. Using a GPS-enabled device, they are using GPS coordinates and clues provided online to search for “buried treasure” hidden in forests, parks and other public places by fellow geocachers.

The treasure they are seeking is far from pirate’s gold. It is more likely an item like a coin, key, toy or CD or a book — hidden in a weatherproof container, or “cache.”

Sign the logbook
There’s also a “logbook” of some sort included in the cache, so the finder can leave a record of the find. The original “treasure” can be left in the cache, or replaced by an article of the finder’s choice.

Some cache contents are meant to travel on to new sites, as “hitchhikers,” their adventures reported online for followers to track.

Outdoor fun
Geocaching is a compelling outdoor activity, It’s recreational, educational, challenging and family friendly. Many school systems have introduced the activity into the curriculum.

Learn more
You can learn lots more about the sport at the official geocaching website.

And, you don’t have to search far to discover geocaching activity near you!

Check out Geocaching in Maryland, or visit the Maryland Geocaching Society for more information about local resources, cache listings, and coming events for fans in the local area.

Have you tried geocaching? Share your experiences with us!

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