Have you met EDIE?

If you’re like most people, you feel more secure when you know your money is protected.

Because Community Bank of Tri-County is a FDIC-insured institution, your qualifying deposits are fully insured by the federal government. But do you know what that means? Or how to determine if all your deposits are covered?

For those of you with questions, we’d like to introduce you to EDIE, the FDIC’s deposit insurance estimator. An easy-to-use online tool, EDIE can help you determine if any portion of your deposit accounts at our institution might actually exceed FDIC coverage limits.

For your own peace of mind, why not spend a few minutes with EDIE. You’ll want to have ready a list of your Community Bank deposit accounts and the amount you have in each. If you have joint accounts or trust accounts that name beneficiaries, have that information ready, too. Then just follow the easy EDIE instructions.

Of course, if you any questions at all about your accounts, please just let us know!

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