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Kickstarter LogoHave an idea you’re sure would work, if only you had the funds to get it off the ground? Your family and friends are behind you and your idea all the way — but that’s not nearly enough to provide the financing your project will involve?

The headstart you need could be, an online funding platform for creative projects from films, games and music to art, design and technology. Since its introduction in 2009, Kickstarter has seen over $643 million pledged by more than 4.2 million people, funding more than 42,000 creative projects!

Basically, here’s how it works. As the creator, you launch your project on the Kickstarter site after setting your project’s funding goal and deadline (usually within 30 to 40 days), and determining what investment rewards to offer your backers. If people like what they see and the rewards you are offering, they pledge money (as little as $1 in some cases) to make it happen. If you reach your funding goal by the deadline you set, your backers are charged and the money is yours (minus a modest fee).

To date, 44% of Kickstarter projects have achieved their funding goals. Your project could be next!

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Need a final kick to get you up and running? Here’s a fact that might help. While more than half of the projects listed on Kickstarter fail to meet their funding goals, in Maryland the reverse is true and seven of every 10 Maryland projects succeeded according to Southern Maryland Online. Here, project creators realized the true potential of “crowdfunding,” developed a solid plan and spread the word to generate excitement about the project. They also offered intriguing incentives to attract supporters and their dollars before the deadline.

If your inner entrepreneur is getting restless, Kickstarter might be the answer!

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