Get your youngsters on the road to Saving!

Fillup the Frog helps teach financial literacyWe’re joining institutions across the country that are observing America Saves Week, a national campaign that encourages individuals and families to save money, reduce debt and build personal wealth.

Here at Community Bank of the Chesapeake, we think that teaching youngsters to save is a great way to start them on their way to a lifelong habit of saving. That’s why we make it fun!

The Green Team™
Have your youngsters met Fillup?

Fillup the Frog is the mascot of the Green Team™, our very own Kids’ Club. The Green Team is open to all children age 12 and under who open a Kids’ Club savings account.

The Green Team gives children a fun way to learn about money and the importance of saving for the future. They’ll love watching their money grow and helping them develop a healthy attitude about saving money can be a lot of fun for you, too.

All Team members receive a special membership card, a free Fillup the Frog bank, a savings passbook and a subscription to the Green Team newsletter, “Ribbiting News.” They even receive a card on their birthday and gifts for reaching saving milestones. And, Fillup makes VIP appearances at various events in the community, so youngsters can get the chance to meet him in person.

You can open a Kids’ Club savings account at any of our locations. If you want to get them to start thinking about saving right this minute, download and print our fun-filled Green Team activity book!

Never too young
You’ll also find a number of sites online devoted to teaching kids about money and helping them to develop basic money management skills. Here are two to get them started:

The Mint – Kids can learn a lot at this interactive site, like the basics of saving money and simple saving tricks. There’s even a Truth About Millionaires quiz that the whole family will enjoy, and tips for adults about teaching kids about money.

My Money – This site offers something for everyone, from toddlers to teens, including games, fun activities, websites and video games.

A Family Affair
Although it’s a great start, saving isn’t just for kids! Don’t forget that Community Bank of the Chesapeake also has savings options for the grownups in the family. We keep your money accessible when you need it, and safe when you don’t.

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