Dig in — It’s National Waffle Week!

There’s reason to celebrate! The first week of September is National Waffle Week!

Enjoyed nearly worldwide, the waffle is either hundreds or thousands of years old, depending on your precise definition. And, there are dozens of varieties, from American to Scandinavian, and even Hong Kong style “grid cakes.”

While the basic ingredients (batter or dough), cooking method (waffle iron), and end result (square indentations in a square surface) are usually the same, it’s the choice of topping that distinguishes one waffle-lover from another!

Some prefer a mound of butter and a pool of maple, chocolate or flavored syrup, or maybe honey.

Then there’s the fruit-lovers, whose waffle isn’t complete until it’s covered in bananas, berries or peaches, or jam or jelly.

How about ice cream, whipped cream or powdered sugar?

Or, if your motto is “Live Simple,” perhaps just a plain ol’ waffle-waffle, with nothing added?

Now that we’ve made you hungry for waffles, tell us what YOUR favorite waffle topping is? Was it mentioned here?

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