Community Banks are Invested in You!

Do you consider yourself a good investment? We do!

Community Bank of Tri-County is proud to be among the 7,000+ community banks across the country that help energize their local economy by investing in local residents, businesses and neighborhoods.

Local community banks create and sustain personal “Main Street” relationships with their customers. They reinvest local deposit dollars back out into the neighborhoods they serve in the form of commercial loans, small business financing and mortgages for local homebuyers.

As residents and businesses thrive, communities thrive.

That’s the advantage of banking locally with a community bank.

If you are a Community Bank of Tri-County customer, you may know firsthand what we mean.

We’re helping you manage your finances, efficiently and effectively. We helped you buy a new home and your daughter to save for college. We’re helping your nephew buy a new car; your neighbor grow his new business and your parents save for a secure financial future. We support local non-profit organizations and contribute to causes that help strengthen the neighborhoods we all call home.

That’s what community banking is all about, and we are proud to be your Community Bank.

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