Children – Why Entrepreneurship Is Great for Youngsters

Does your teen have aspirations of starting the next Facebook? Do you have a little one interested in selling lemonade on the front lawn? Embrace it! Entrepreneurship can help young children acquire a vast skill set befitting whatever career path they choose to explore. Here’s how you can help foster your daughter or son’s entrepreneurial side.

Learning experiences, not mistakes

Encourage your children to take risks and be unafraid to fail. Mistakes are a part of life, and early on children should see a mistake as an opportunity to improve . Help them learn by looking at what went wrong and brainstorm alongside them, ways to do things differently next time. Such exercises also play a role in nurturing their problem solving abilities.

Get out and play

Throughout Jon Burgstone and Bill Murphy’s decades-long involvement with successful entrepreneurs, they discovered many were involved in sports growing up. They highlight perseverance and the ability to stay motivated as sports-driven traits common amongst top entrepreneurs.

Mini marketing mavens

Many businesses fail because of ineffective marketing; helping your future entrepreneur become aware of how companies communicate is key. While you’re in the car or walking with your children around town, ask them to look at billboards and promotional materials outside businesses. Inc. Magazine includes this in its ‘Steps to Teaching Your Kids to Become Entrepreneurs’ as a way for kids to learn what aspects of an ad help it stand out.

Entrepreneurship bestows invaluable experience and a unique skill set upon those who embark down its path. Encourage entrepreneurship in your children and maybe you’ll find you have the next great innovator right in your home.

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