Bootstrapping Your Business

Bootstrapping business ownerHave you always wanted to start your own business? Or maybe you’re a small business owner trying to reign in operational costs? Whether your organization’s embryonic or well-established, examining your company’s expenses through a fresh lens could help boost your bottom line or allow you to better allocate funds for greater efficiency. To get you on the resourceful-spending path, we’re offering a few bootstrapping basics along with additional money-saving ideas.


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Business Etiquette Week

Business MeetingDo you work in an office or does your job take you all over? Is your work environment laid back, intense or something in between? No matter your organization’s culture or industry norms, certain codes of social and professional conduct apply; if not at your workplace, at conferences, meetings and in online interactions on behalf of your company.

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Home Based Business Tips

Home_OfficeAre you a one-woman financial consultant with a smartphone in one hand and your children’s carpool schedule in the other? How about a digital marketing machine writing code at your kitchen table? The advantages of home-based businesses are bountiful, but so too can be the challenges. Maximize the benefits of your home office with these quick tips!

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What Businesses Can Do in the Cloud

You might be wondering, “What is the cloud?” Basically, it’s a form of online computing which enables you to access all the applications used to run your business through the Internet. Now you might be asking yourself, “Okay, how can I use the cloud to help my business?”

Good news, turns out there are a number of cloud-based options available to enhance several key aspects of your business.

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Can Remote Deposit Capture help increase efficiency?

It’s often been said: in business, time is money. So how can you get more out of both, especially when there’s barely enough time in the day to do all the things you need to do?

To help you save time on your banking, you can take advantage of new technology designed to make depositing money for your business easy – Remote Deposit Capture. With this advance, you can deposit checks right from your office using a scanner and the Internet. Continue reading

Business Bookkeeping Tips

Are you in business for yourself?

If so, it could be that bookkeeping is not among your favorite tasks — just a necessary evil that takes time and energy away from the business at hand.

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How to help keep employees fit

Yes, you may stock an office supply of tissues, pain relievers, bandaids, and hand sanitizers, making them readily available to your employees. But that’s not the same as helping them keep fit and healthy!

Chicken soup isn’t the answer, either.

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It’s National Payroll Week! How do you manage your payroll?

The American Payroll Association, the society of Payroll Professionals, established National Payroll Week in 1996 to celebrate the economic, cultural and social achievements of workers and the significance of “an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.” The observance coincides with Labor Day each September. Continue reading

Why do I need a mission statement?

If you’re in business, here are a few questions for you.

Why does your business exist? What is your reason for being, your overall goal, your purpose, your mission? What does your company do, and for whom? What are your beliefs and values?

Are these questions answered in your mission statement? In fact, do you even have a mission statement? Do you know what a mission statement should say and convey? Continue reading