Car Care Tips to Save You Money

Car Care Tips to Save You MoneyLet’s start from scratch.

You have a brand new car and you’re determined to treat it right, so it’ll last longer and stay in better shape than the vehicle you just traded in. And, now that you have a car payment again, you want to control your expenses — both at the pump and at the repair shop.

Sound like a plan?

If so, you’re ready for a road trip to some handy online resources for keeping that car purring like a kitten to cutting costs at the pump to do-it-yourself (DIY) repair projects.

Prolong the life of your car
Who knew: That a key chain loaded down with keys and key chains and whatever else could be a danger to your vehicle’s health? That filling up right after a gasoline tanker delivery truck leaves the station isn’t a good idea? That you should shift to neutral at red lights and that warming the engine in the driveway isn’t a smart idea?

Find the reasons why among the 74 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Car from Reader’s Digest.

And, here’s what Kelly Blue Book suggests are the “Top Ten” car care tips.

Get More Miles Per Gallon
Filling the tank doesn’t have to mean emptying your wallet! Popular Mechanics offers 10 Quick Fuel Efficiency Tips, including only braking when you have to, keeping your tires really, really pumped and avoiding rush hour at all costs.

Tempted to Do-It-Yourself?
Not sure if you should attempt a DIY car repair? CarTalk gurus Tom and Ray say there are three factors to consider: How dangerous could the repair be to you? To the vehicle? And, is the repair you have in mind so complex that it will require special, expensive tools?

To make your decision easier, they rank more than three dozen repair jobs in terms of safety, car damage, and complexity.

If the complexity ratings unnerve you, you might want to start simple with these seven easier and less-complex DIY car repairs. Just don’t ignore Tip Number 6: Don’t be ashamed to ask for help if you need it.

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