Can you save a tree with e-Statements?

In your lifetime, the amount of paper generated for statements, bills and other monthly communications is significant. Consider the big picture. The paper industry is the third largest industrial consumer of energy. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, paper accounts for approximately one-third of all waste. That’s at least 84,000,000 tons a year!

Did you ever consider environmental impacts from not only the production of these notices, but also from the delivery and disposal? Have you ever wondered how much of a difference you could make by opting to receive electronic versions of bills and statements?

Using the calculator, you can determine how significant your “financial paper footprint” is, and how much you can conserve in one year by switching to electronic notifications and e-Statements. For example, according to PayItGreen, by switching to electronic billing, statements and payments the average American family would save 6 pounds of paper in one year!

Multiplied by many statements, and many people, that adds up to  environmental savings!

Plus, with electronic statements you have the added convenience of filing and storing your statement information right on your computer, printing a statement only when, and if, you need it. Our e-Statements contain all the same information as traditional paper statements, including complete account information.

Track your own financial paper footprint in less than a minute.  You might be surprised! How big is your footprint?





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