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Customer ServiceNo matter how large or small your business is — whether you have one customer or a thousand and one — the way you treat them can make or break you.

The old adage is true: satisfied customers may tell one or two people about a happy experience with you. But a disgruntled customer will spread the story loud and clear, near and far. Not only have you lost a customer, you’ve probably lost potential customers, as well.

Your front-line employees are the face of your business. A sour experience can set your brand back by miles, especially when the incident is recounted by the “victim” via the digital highway.

What’s your company’s “customer service culture”? Is it working? Are you connecting with your customers?

In today’s digital world, too often customers can get lost in the numbers and end up feeling like a statistic. No matter the size or structure of the organization, it’s still very possible for every business to deliver a ‘mom and pop’ level of personal service. Top CEOs have discovered small personal touches, like Sprint’s “thank you Thursdays,” where employees compose handwritten letters thanking customers for their loyalty, are a great way of making customers feel appreciated.

Need more ideas for keeping customers happy? Check out these quick sales and customer service tips from

In addition to acquiring customers, you’ll find nurturing and maintaining relationships with existing ones to be beneficial for your organization’s reputation and bottom line. How do you keep your customers happy?

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