Business Bookkeeping Tips

Are you in business for yourself?

If so, it could be that bookkeeping is not among your favorite tasks — just a necessary evil that takes time and energy away from the business at hand.

Yet, it’s something you absolutely have to do, and do yourself, at least until your small business is big enough so that you can delegate the job.

By now, you know the bookkeeping basics for a small business but knowing the basics and actually doing the work are two different things.

Maybe keeping the books for your business is actually something you enjoy, another challenge you welcome to keep you on your toes. That’s true of many successful entrepreneurs and business owners.

But there are two sides to every coin. If you’re among those for whom bookkeeping is burdensome, here’s some helpful record-keeping advice from, including tips to save you time and money, and pointers to help avoid costly errors.

Do you do your own bookkeeping?

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