Are you using an up-to-date browser?

W3Schools, a website for people with an interest in web technologies, has posted statistics showing that Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer are the most popular browsers today, at least among techies. (If you are a semi-techie or a techie wannabe, Lifehacker has a helpful comparison of the top two on the list, Firefox and Google Chrome, for both Mac and PC here.)

The site also points out, however, that most people tend to use the browser that came pre-installed on their computer.

Not sure what version of the browser software you have installed? Let Google tell you!  Just click the link and the name and current version of the browser you are using appears on the screen.

A matter of security!
No matter which browser(s) you are using to access the Internet, the most important thing to remember is keep your browser up to date! And, it’s not just for improved functionality and more speed — it’s for your own safety.

Outdated browsers can open the door to hackers and result in serious security issues.

Some browsers, like Firefox, automatically notify you when a new version is available, letting you download and install the latest version right then and there. For other programs, you should  be able get upgrade information by clicking on “Help” on the browser website.

If your browser still needs to be updated, you may have to do it yourself. While we know the prospect of updating your browser can seem daunting there are many sites like which have simple to follow guides such as this one for how to update your browser in Windows.

Have you updated your browser recently?

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