Are you affected by the sequester?

SEQUESTERThe effects of sequestration are being felt by every sector of our economy. Fortunately, helpful tools are available for those impacted by the recent round of federal belt tightening.

Job Opportunities

Thinking of transitioning into a new career or securing a second job to help offset a drop-off in earnings? The Southern Maryland JobSource is fully equipped with all the resources necessary for a successful job hunt. With three offices and a Mobile Career Center, job search tools, training and career advice are all available under one roof and free of charge.

Small Business Assistance

Business owners can take advantage of free programs and workshops available courtesy of the Maryland Small Business Development Center. Get counseling from experts, learn how to improve your marketing efforts and obtain loans. All it takes is a few hours out of your day.

You can also encourage your employees to attend workshops relevant to their position to enhance their own skill set for the betterment of the business. Aside from the knowledge and experienced gained by all, the seminars are also great for networking. Who knows, your next partnership could be in attendance.

Flying? Be Prepared

Scale-backs and control tower closures as a result of budget cuts can mean more waiting and longer lines for travelers. You can save yourself time by checking in to your flights online, and complying with the TSA’s latest list of approved carry-on items.

Don’t forget to talk to us

If you are having difficulties as a result of the sequester, please contact your local branch manager or commercial loan officer. We’re here to help!

How have you been affected by the sequester?

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