Applying for a Mortgage? It’s About (Your Valuable) Time.

Buying a new home? Fun.
Saving money by refinancing an existing one? Even more fun.
Applying for a mortgage to make it all possible? Not so much fun.

The fact is, for many people applying for a mortgage can seem like a time-consuming and arduous process. In the past, you had to schedule time to meet with a loan officer, gather up your paperwork, and then sit down for what seems like hours to go over all the numbers.

What if there was a better, more convenient way? A way for you to apply for a mortgage on your time – from the comfort of your home? At Community Bank of Tri-County, we’re pleased to bring that right to you with our new Mortgage Center.

This convenient and free service lets you apply for a mortgage online – and still get expert assistance from knowledgeable Loan Officers.

Apply for a mortgage in minutes. Not hours. Or days.
At our Mortgage Center, you can apply for your mortgage in as little as 20 minutes. You simply login to the service and enter your personal, property, income, and asset information. Once you complete your application, a knowledgeable and helpful Loan Officer will call you to answer any questions you may have. So you won’t have to sacrifice personal service for convenience.

You can also check the status of your application – how cool is that?

Other great tools to help you, too.
Wondering which mortgage program is right for you? Or how much your monthly payments will be? At the Mortgage Center, you can access helpful tools and calculators to guide you. And of course, you can always speak with a Loan Officer.

Discover the comforts of our Mortgage Center today.
To learn more or apply for a mortgage online, visit the Mortgage Centertoday.Equal Housing Lender

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