5 great resources for do-it-yourself marketing

Whether you’re marketing your home business or your company’s business, it pays to stay in the know!

Here are five great resources to help you market smarter:

1. Marketing Profs
From brand management to career management, search engine marketing to social media and strategy, Marketing Profs offers insight and tips from a variety of marketing specialists. Bookmark the site and keep up with the latest trends and hot marketing topics.

2. HubSpot
How effective is your web site? Is it generating leads and closing sales for you? How does your site compare with those of your closest competitors? Use HubSpot’s free marketing grader and find out!

On Twitter? Use the free HubSpot Tweet grader  to see how influential your tweets are in the grand scheme of things. And, the free search grader shows where your web site ranks compared to other sites graded by HubSpot.

While you are trying out all these free tools, don’t forget the HubSpot blog offers an ongoing wealth of eMarketing tips  and information.

3.  MailChimp  
Ready to give email marketing a try? MailChimp is an economical place to start. The service is free until you reach 2,000 subscribers, or send more than 12,000 e-mails a month.

4. Google Analytics 
This is a powerful free tool for collecting information about visitors to your web site. You can gain valuable insight into targeting, engaging and connecting with potential clients or customers.

5. Google Voice
Imagine having just one number that reaches your mobile phone, your work phone, and your home phone. It’s possible now, free, with Google Voice, which provides you with a  single, custom number that rings any or all of your phones and even transcribes messages delivered to your inbox!

It’s as easy as signing up for a Google account and selecting your new phone number and a PIN. Google will handle it from there!

What are your favorite marketing tools and resources? Share them with us here.

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