Monthly Archive: April 2014

Tips for a Better Work-Life Balance 0

Tips for a Better Work-Life Balance

How do you measure success in the workplace? The size of your paycheck? Your job title? Your name on the door? How do you measure happiness outside of work? Friends? Family? Relationships? Hobbies? Now...

Tax resolutions for 2015 0

Tax resolutions for 2015

Phew! The April 15, 2014 deadline for filing your 2013 tax return has come and gone. That’s over for another year — or is it? The answer is, it shouldn’t be!

Friday Focus: The Rappahannock YMCA 0

Friday Focus: The Rappahannock YMCA

The Rappahannock Area Family YMCA provides opportunities for health, wellness and recreation to many different communities in Virginia. With five locations in King George and Northern Virginia, the organization enriches the lives of people...

It’s Tax Day! 0

It’s Tax Day!

Tax day is upon us! If you’ve filed your taxes already, congratulations! If you haven’t, don’t panic—there is still time today to file your tax returns. Forbes Magazine shared these 11 tips for the...

Subject: Email Safety 0

Subject: Email Safety

There’s no question, email has made written communication faster, easier and more convenient. It allows us to work remotely and instantly connect with friends and family members from all over the world. Unfortunately, email...

Car Care Tips to Save You Money 0

Car Care Tips to Save You Money

Let’s start from scratch. You have a brand new car and you’re determined to treat it right, so it’ll last longer and stay in better shape than the vehicle you just traded in. And,...