Friday Focus: Calvert Library Foundation

Calvert LibraryFor thousands of years, libraries have been a staple community institution where people could gather and seek out information. Today, the Calvert County Library system continues the tradition, providing central hubs that provide not only books, but an endless list of programs and services as well. This week’s Friday Focus organization, the Calvert Library Foundation, plays a vital role in supporting the Library’s mission by providing additional funding. We spoke with Scott Deacon, Vice President of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, who shared his thoughts on the many ways the Library benefits the local community. Continue reading

Stolen identity? 3 things to do RIGHT AWAY!

Identity TheftIf you believe that your identity has been stolen, there’s no time to waste. There are 3 steps you should take immediately to prevent further damage:

1. Place an initial fraud alert
Report that you are a victim to one of the three credit reporting companies. Ask them to put a fraud alert on your credit report. That company will tell the other companies, and the alert will be valid for 90 days. Keep track of the fraud alert ending date. Continue reading

Friday Focus: Humane Society of Charles County

Humane Society of Charles CountySince 1978, the Humane Society of Charles County has worked to make a difference in the lives of our furry friends and their families. From providing vaccines and training classes to adoption services, the Society has helped countless animals live happier, better lives and even find their “forever homes”. This week, the Society’s Fundraising and Volunteer Manager, Leigha Messick, shared her thoughts on the organization’s work, the challenges they face and those special moments that make all of their hard work worth it. Continue reading

Friday Focus: Vacations for Vets

Friday Focus - Southern Maryland Vacation for VetsWhen a service member returns from combat wounded, their life and the lives of their family are forever changed. For many veterans, recovery is a long road and can mean a considerable amount of time spent in a hospital or VA center. This week’s Friday Focus organization, Vacations for Vets, plays a special role in the recovery process by providing service members with experiences that both lift their spirits and allow them to spend time with their loved ones. Board president Connie Pennington spoke to us on behalf of her organization for this week’s interview. Continue reading

Friday Focus: The Center for Children

Center for ChildrenThis week’s Friday Focus is an organization that makes a difference in the lives of over 4,000 individuals each year from Charles, Calvert, St. Mary’s and Prince George’s counties. Currently the largest provider of children’s mental health services in Southern Maryland, the Center for Children offers a wide variety of resources for children of all ages and their parents. We spoke with several members of the Center’s team for this week’s interview. Continue reading