Savings Tips: Home Energy Costs

Save on Home Energy CostsWith the temperatures beginning to dip lower, many of us find ourselves reaching for the “On” switch on our heaters to help combat the cold. Each year, the cold weather months cost Americans thousands of dollars — last year, the Energy Information Administration predicted that consumers that used oil heat would spend an average of $2,544 on heating costs alone, while natural gas users would spend an average of $1,031. Heating your home isn’t cheap, but there are many practical steps that you can take to keep your household energy bill manageable.

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Friday Focus: 

The Alzheimer's Association

Alzheimer's Association, National Capital Area Chapter Every day, non-profit organizations are hard at work in the community. With the Walk to End Alzheimer’s coming up this weekend, we caught up with Cindy Schelhorn, Communications Director for the National Capital Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, who talked to us about how her organization raises both funds and awareness, and how you can join the movement to stop Alzheimer’s disease.

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Business: Internships and Apprenticeships

Office internIs your company looking to acquire new staff? Or maybe mulling the possibility of taking on additional hires in the future? Depending upon your industry and your organization’s needs, an internship or apprenticeship program could be a great way to procure and nurture top talent for the betterment of your business.


With an internship program, individuals hoping to garner “real world” experience and learn more about a business or industry take on a paid or unpaid position for a period of about 3 – 4 months.

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Friday Focus: Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum

Friday Focus - Jefferson Patterson Park & MuseumHistory comes alive at the Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum in this week’s Friday Focus! We talked with Anne Starkweather, the Executive Administrator for the Friends of Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum, who shared with us details about the museum, information about upcoming events and described how the museum brings history to life for the children and students in the community.

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Sweepstakes, contests & promotions — Beware the laws, rules & regulations!

Contest WinnersSweepstakes, contests and lotteries. What’s the difference?

• Sweepstakes – Also referred to as “giveaways,” where winners are selected in a random drawing.

• Contest – Winner(s) are selected according to established criteria.

• Lottery – A prize drawing for which you have to pay money (or some other consideration) to have a chance to win.

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Savings Tips: Defraying College Costs

Saving for collegePerhaps the single most daunting aspect of college is the enormous financial obligation that comes with it. For parents, sending a child off to college can mean stretching family finances further than ever before. For students, college likely means taking the first real steps into managing their own finances. Here are some tips to help students and families manage college costs:

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