Why women need to be more financially savvy

Women Financial EducationAccording to a report in USA Today, it is predicted that 80% to 90% of women will be solely responsible for their finances at some point in their lives, either because of divorce or other circumstances. Which begs the question – are you ready?

If you are like the majority of women in the United States, the answer is probably “no.” So what can you do to prepare? It’s easier than you might think:

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Home Based Business Tips

Home_OfficeAre you a one-woman financial consultant with a smartphone in one hand and your children’s carpool schedule in the other? How about a digital marketing machine writing code at your kitchen table? The advantages of home-based businesses are bountiful, but so too can be the challenges. Maximize the benefits of your home office with these quick tips!

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Are you affected by the sequester?

SEQUESTERThe effects of sequestration are being felt by every sector of our economy. Fortunately, helpful tools are available for those impacted by the recent round of federal belt tightening.

Job Opportunities

Thinking of transitioning into a new career or securing a second job to help offset a drop-off in earnings? The Southern Maryland JobSource is fully equipped with all the resources necessary for a successful job hunt. With three offices and a Mobile Career Center, job search tools, training and career advice are all available under one roof and free of charge.

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Savings Tip – Check Out Your Local Library

Looking for fun and free educational and entertainment opportunities for your children? Good news, you can find all of that with a visit to your local library.

Most locations offer free concerts or story times for younger kids, like Saturday Story Times available at the Charles County Public Library. Not only are these events cost effective, they are also influential in getting kids interested and excited about reading at an early age.

There’s always something for teens and tweens too! Game night and a cooking workshop are just two events coming up at Prince Frederick’s Calvert Library.

Most events are usually held at the same time on a regular basis, which can grant moms and dads the ability to arrange a carpool; saving some busy parents another valuable resource – time.

Do you visit your local library?

Personal Finance Tips

Could your money management skills use a little fine-tuning? Are phrases like tax filings and interest rates impetus for headaches and confusion? Good news – now is the perfect time to enhance your financial IQ, as April is National Financial Literacy Month!

Business Minded

Regardless of your income level, think of yourself as a business; look at the amount of money you take in, add up all your expenses, and see where you stand. Viewing your financial situation from this perspective can help you run your own personal “operations” more efficiently. Are there opportunities to cut wasteful spending? Or maybe your savings rate isn’t quite as robust as it should be? This exercise can help you see where and how you allocate funds on a regular basis and provide you with opportunities to increase your personal bottom line.

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Children – Why Entrepreneurship Is Great for Youngsters

Does your teen have aspirations of starting the next Facebook? Do you have a little one interested in selling lemonade on the front lawn? Embrace it! Entrepreneurship can help young children acquire a vast skill set befitting whatever career path they choose to explore. Here’s how you can help foster your daughter or son’s entrepreneurial side.

Learning experiences, not mistakes

Encourage your children to take risks and be unafraid to fail. Mistakes are a part of life, and early on children should see a mistake as an opportunity to improve . Help them learn by looking at what went wrong and brainstorm alongside them, ways to do things differently next time. Such exercises also play a role in nurturing their problem solving abilities.

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What Businesses Can Do in the Cloud

You might be wondering, “What is the cloud?” Basically, it’s a form of online computing which enables you to access all the applications used to run your business through the Internet. Now you might be asking yourself, “Okay, how can I use the cloud to help my business?”

Good news, turns out there are a number of cloud-based options available to enhance several key aspects of your business.

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