Your next car — Lease or buy?

Maybe you’ve heard someone swooning about how happy they are to have leased their present vehicle. Or maybe you’ve heard car owners who insist they would “never, ever” consider leasing.

There’s no easy answer
Which path is the right path? With a little research, you’ll soon discover that there’s no “one size fits all” solution. The only real answer is: “It depends.”

Lease or buy — it depends entirely on you, your personal preferences, and your circumstances. Continue reading

Applying for a Mortgage? It’s About (Your Valuable) Time.

Buying a new home? Fun.
Saving money by refinancing an existing one? Even more fun.
Applying for a mortgage to make it all possible? Not so much fun.

The fact is, for many people applying for a mortgage can seem like a time-consuming and arduous process. In the past, you had to schedule time to meet with a loan officer, gather up your paperwork, and then sit down for what seems like hours to go over all the numbers. Continue reading

Social Security checks are going Direct Deposit!

Are you getting Social Security benefits by paper check? That’s about to change!

The U.S. Department of the Treasury is requiring all paper check recipients to switch to an electronic payment method by March 1, 2013. Using electronic payments will help save taxpayers money on printing and postage, plus they are more reliable and help protect from identity theft. No more worrying about losing your check or if a severe storm will postpone mail delivery. Continue reading

Easy Ways to Protect Your Mobile Device

They’re here, there and everywhere. They’re mobile devices, and they literally bring a worldwide web of opportunity – right to our fingertips.

But what many of us often fail to realize is that while mobile devices make our lives more convenient; they also make theft more convenient for those looking to steal your identity.

So how concerned about mobile device security should you be? Continue reading