Will you wear red?

According to the American Heart Association, heart disease kills one in three women each year. That’s a rate of approximately one woman every minute!

To help raise awareness including the causes and prevention of heart disease, many of us at Community Bank of Tri-County will be wearing red on February 1 as part of the Association’s Go Red for Women campaign.

Will you also be wearing red?

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Savings Tip: Comics from KidsUSA.gov

Did you know that the federal government has an official web portal for kids?

Designed for students through Grade 5, tweens and young teens in Grades 6 to 8, parents and teachers, the site has enough kid-friendly information, facts and figures, quizzes, games and videos to keep youngsters occupied for a good stretch of time. Continue reading

Can Remote Deposit Capture help increase efficiency?

It’s often been said: in business, time is money. So how can you get more out of both, especially when there’s barely enough time in the day to do all the things you need to do?

To help you save time on your banking, you can take advantage of new technology designed to make depositing money for your business easy – Remote Deposit Capture. With this advance, you can deposit checks right from your office using a scanner and the Internet. Continue reading

IRAs: A smart way to save for retirement.

The New Year is not just a time to think about making resolutions; it’s actually a great time to think about retirement. Or, more specifically, saving for retirement with an Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

According to CNN Money, an IRA is “a saving account with big tax breaks that makes it an ideal way to sock away money for retirement.” The good news is that there’s no shortage of IRA options for today’s retirement savers. In fact, according to The Motley Fool, there are 11 types of IRAs – The most common being Traditional and Roth IRAs. Continue reading

Savings tip: Prevent overspending on in-app purchases

If you visit Apple’s iTunes store you may notice games categorized three ways – top free, top paid and top grossing. Now here is the really interesting thing – the top grossing games are, in general, free to download.

So how are the games earning enough to be considered “top grossing?” The answer is simple – In-app purchases. Continue reading

Savings Tip – Rent a movie!

Is “movie night” fast becoming a thing of the past in your household? Is the cost of driving to the theater, buying tickets and refreshments, and maybe paying a babysitter, too much of a splurge for your budget?

If that’s the case, you’re not alone. TIME.com reports that people’s interest in going to the movies is fading (although not necessarily because of the economy; it’s more about the ticket cost itself), and that 61% of adults in a recent poll said they rarely or never go out to the movies. Continue reading