Thank you for making the holidays brighter for others

The community’s support of our Second Annual Holiday Food and Toy Drive was truly heartwarming.

Because of your generosity, we donated 749 pounds of food to the Southern Maryland Food Bank and the King George Food Pantry. (This will feed 37 families two to three meals per day for two to three days!) An additional $125 in cash donations to the Food Drive will buy another 1,000 pounds of food. Continue reading

Savings Tip: Avoid late fees

You work hard for your money; you should keep as much of it as you can! One way to do that is by avoiding late fees, which can take a big bite out of your budget if you’re not careful.

Late fees come in all shapes and sizes, attached to most of the payments you make, from your credit cards to your mortgage. Here are a few words of late payment caution: Continue reading

Preventing Identity Theft

At Community Bank of Tri-County, we strive to provide you an unparalleled banking experience – and we are committed to helping keep your financial information safeguarded from predators. Identity theft has become one of the fastest growing crimes in America, and we wanted to take this opportunity to share with you a few pointers on how to protect yourself. Continue reading

Community Bank of the Chesapeake Receives 2012 Financial Education Award

Community Bank of Tri-County is pleased to announce it has received the 2012 Financial Education Award from the Maryland Bankers Association as a result of its efforts to promote financial literacy to school-aged children in the Southern Maryland community.

“Incorporating financial education into the lives of children at a young age provides them with valuable tools and resources for the future,” said Michael Middleton, Chief Executive Officer of Community Bank of Tri-County. “We are proud of the children in our community who are taking an active role in their finances.”

The 2012 Financial Education Award is presented by the Maryland Bankers Association for outstanding contributions towards enhancing financial education among Maryland’s school-aged children. This year, 22 banks participated and 36 entries were submitted for the award; Community Bank of Tri-County was awarded first place. The children’s programs were evaluated in the areas of presentation materials, community impact, financial literacy concepts and development.

“At Community Bank of Tri-County we value the relationship we have with every customer, no matter their age,” said Hillary Theriault, Vice President and Director of Marketing of Community Bank of Tri-County. “In order for us to engage even our youngest customers, we developed a kids’ program called The Green Team. Members of The Green Team, children age 12 and younger with a Kids’ Club account, receive several membership incentives that promote financial literacy.”

Holiday Shopping Savings Tips

With a mere two weeks until Christmas, it may feel like it’s too late to save money AND finish your holiday shopping. But fear not! While Black Friday and Cyber Monday are long gone, there are still ways you can get your gift shopping done without breaking the bank.

Many online merchants push the deals right up to the last minute, so you can continue to shop from the comfort of your couch. For the latest discounts make sure you check out those e-mails from retailers you usually ignore. Plus, look for free shipping and save a few more dollars. Concerned gifts won’t make it on time? Most online stores will tell you when to expect packages and what the final order date is for delivery in time for Christmas. Continue reading

What is “person-to-person” payment and why do I need it?

You have money in your bank account, but no cash in your pocket at a time when you need it. How are you going to pay a friend for that ticket to this weekend’s game? Pay back a colleague for a shared lunch? Pay your roommate your share of the rent?

With services like Popmoney®, you can send money to individuals without writing a check or getting cash. Continue reading