Savings Tip: Grocery Shopping

Summer may be over, but we still have more saving tips to share!

According to the US Department of Agriculture’s Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion, the average American family of four spends as little as $610 and as much as $1,203 per month on groceries. A huge line item for most of us, there are ways you can reduce your monthly grocery bill. Continue reading

How secure are your social networks?

Are you on Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? Google+?

Social networking websites like these let you connect, engage, share and keep in constant touch with friends new and old. But they can also attract today’s new breed of Internet con artists, scammers, identity thieves, stalkers and other digital villains craving after your personal information. Continue reading

How to help keep employees fit

Yes, you may stock an office supply of tissues, pain relievers, bandaids, and hand sanitizers, making them readily available to your employees. But that’s not the same as helping them keep fit and healthy!

Chicken soup isn’t the answer, either.

Remember, healthy employees are not only productive employees. Healthy employees lower health-care costs and reduce absenteeism — two bottom-line bonuses for your company! Continue reading

Kids: First job? Tips for saving money

For many teenagers, the hardest thing about earning money is learning to manage it wisely. Until they had their own money, Mom and Dad were their own private bank. Money appeared like magic whenever they asked, as long as the request was reasonable.

Now that they have their own payday, they tend to want to hold on to their earnings. To save, you ask? Not necessarily! Chances are they’d rather squirrel it away for that next trip to the mall with their friends. And then there might just be nothing left until the next payday. Continue reading

Dig in — It’s National Waffle Week!

There’s reason to celebrate! The first week of September is National Waffle Week!

Enjoyed nearly worldwide, the waffle is either hundreds or thousands of years old, depending on your precise definition. And, there are dozens of varieties, from American to Scandinavian, and even Hong Kong style “grid cakes.”

While the basic ingredients (batter or dough), cooking method (waffle iron), and end result (square indentations in a square surface) are usually the same, it’s the choice of topping that distinguishes one waffle-lover from another! Continue reading

It’s National Payroll Week! How do you manage your payroll?

The American Payroll Association, the society of Payroll Professionals, established National Payroll Week in 1996 to celebrate the economic, cultural and social achievements of workers and the significance of “an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.” The observance coincides with Labor Day each September. Continue reading