10 ways to save on magazine subscriptions

Most of us like to sit down and relax with a good magazine to either thumb through or read cover-to-cover. But, are you spending too much for that pleasure?

Here are 10 ways to save, without giving up the magazine(s) you love:

See if your local library subscribes to your favorite magazines, and borrow a few each time you visit.  (Your library is also a great resource for videos and CDs to borrow — all you need is a library card.)

Swap magazines with family members, friends or neighbors when everyone’s through reading their latest issues.

Share the cost of a subscription with a friend or relative you see frequently.

Check to see if the magazines you like are available in free or discounted online versions.

Visit the magazine’s website for special offers, paying attention to the savings available for multi-year subscriptions.

Search deal websites like Magazines.com and Amazon.com for special magazine subscription offers.

If you have them, consider using Rewards program points or leftover frequent flier miles for your next subscription.

Check the inserts in magazines you might be interested in, for special low pricing for renewals or new subscriptions.

Watch for subscription specials like “One for you, one for a friend” around holiday time. Sign both of you up, and save the cost of one gift. Or, drop hints about the magazine subscription(s) you’d be happy to receive as a gift.

And, the last savings tip: Save the planet! Recycle your old magazines, or donate them so others can enjoy them, too.

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